About US
Established in 1962, Al Shaab Group has grown to be recognized as one of Qatar's leading players engaged in a diversified range of commercial and trading activities. The main reason for the company's constant growth has been its strict adherence to quality, the unbreakable trust it has forged with all its customers and the strong relationship it has built with world renowned brands.

1962 A small garage called Al Awda Garage
1965 Al shaab for car wash:

During this time the company started to franchise Car Service and car service Station. And during this year, the company name becomes Al Shaab Group for Trading & Investment.

1970 Al shaab Paints was established including international franchise for selling paints and all equipments.

1972 We opened a store for the Chinese products and it was name The Chinese House.

1970 As the years come, the company continued improving. It expanded and became Al Shaab Technical & Trading Company with a new business as food distributor.

1975 Al Shaab Technical and trading was established and it was a branch of Al Shaab station for automatic and manual wash.

1979 The first automatic car wash in Qatar and GCC was established.

1980 Al Shaab for trading and investment was established with branches including the whole previous activities, the continues in improving leading to the opening of the Central Supply Complex

1987, The first air-conditioned amusement park for children and families was established in Qatar - the Doha Toys Town. The company also started to put up Petrol Stations with Car Wash as additional services, Jabri restaurant, Pizza Inn, Total Oil and become an agency of Bridgeton.

1990 The company still becomes bigger and bigger and expanded by opening branches in Tunisia - the first amusement park there with 150 hectares.

1995, Al Shaab Inter Trading Group becomes one of the biggest companies in Qatar.

Now 2010, Al Shaab International Trading Group became one of the leading company in Qatar with the following branches and divisions.

Al Shaab Group
Gettco International
Al Shaab Petrol Stations & Car Services Co.
Al Shaab Technical & Trading Co.
Al Shaab International Agencies Co.
Al Shaab Paints Co.
Al Shaab Catering & Restaurants Co.
Qatar Technology Group(QTG)
Al Jazi International Trading Co.
Qatar Supply & Trading Co.
Doha Toys Town Co.
Doha Central Market (Giant Store)

Over the past 30 years, the group has developed into a considerable experienced business house and has acquired an impressive portfolio of well - known international companies (agencies), The group is steadily progressing, leading to today's operation with more than 750 staff members.

Al Shaab Inter Trading Group - Head Office controls the divisions and consists of the following departments:

* Administration
* Finance, Purchase and Stock Control
* Finance Department (Accounts)
* Secretarial Dept.
* Computer Dept.
* Legal Department
* Passport and Immigration Department
* Personnel and Public Relation Department
* Continuous Improvement Department.

Al Shaab Inter Trading Group has an efficient administrative department and management offices. The group has full - fledged accounts department fully computerized and has a good network computer system which is connected to remote sight and back office system. It has experienced management personnel who monitor all the activities of the group carefully, meticulously and takes timely decisions to improve the business.

It commands business relationship with banks namely: Al Ahli Bank of Qatar, Arab Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar National Bank, Arab Jordan Investment Bank (Q), Doha Bank, HSBC, city bank and Commercial Bank of Qatar.

The partners of the group are H.E. Shaikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani is a well-known businessman, head of Qatari Businessmen association, Chairman of the Board of Directors his holding company "Faisal Holding" ,Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aamal, head of the Joint Qatari Algerian Business Council and head of the Joint Qatari Tunisian Business Council, and member of Arab Businessmen association.

Samir Deeb Issa one of the businessmen that started since 1962, the CEO of AL Shaab group. Mr. Deeb is Chairman of the Board of Directors of AL Samah Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arabian gulf for tourism and Investment Company, member Arab Businessmen association, and member of Jordanian Businessmen association, member of the Joint Qatari Jordanian Business Council, member of the Joint Qatari Algerian Business Council.